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Pharmacology held its annual Research Retreat March 22 in the Friday Center. It was a day full of lots of great science! Thanks to all who participated!

2019 retreat poster presentation awards
Poster Presentation Award Winners with Dr. Henrik Dohlman (L to R): Blaide Woodburn, Kimiko Suzuki, Luis Quintanilla, Brent Ascrican, Irem Dagliyan, Sam Bevill and Reid Olsen. Award winners not pictured: Megan Agajanian, Daniel Sprague, Andrew Truing, and Yi Xu,

The research retreat was well attended and included two invited speakers, thirty-nine poster presentations and six oral presentations by graduate students, postdocs and research assistant professors, and a social mixer with award presentations.

Invited speakers were:

  • Michael S. Kinch, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Washington University in St. Louis
    • “A Prescription for Change: The Looming Crisis in Drug Development,” who was the Keynote Speaker
  • Guillermina “Gigi” Lozano, PhD, the Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,
    • “Mutant p53 Activiites in Tumor Development.”

Oral presentations were by (in order of appearance):

  • Raquel Marinez-Chacin, graduate student in the Brown lab
    • “A new mechanism of activation of the APC/C”
  • Nicole Hajicek, PhD, research assistant professor in the Sondek lab
    • “Structural basis for the activation of PLC-ү isozymes byphosphorylation and cancer-associated mutations”
  • Hechen Bao, postdoctoral fellow in the Song lab
    • “Dysregulation of hippocampal adult-born neurons disrupts brain-side functional network”
  • Waylin Yu, graduate student in the Kash lab
    • “Cell type-specific midbrain and extended amygdala contributions to sex differences in pain and alcohol use”
  • Dan Marston, PhD, research assistant professor in the Hahn lab
    • “Quantitative analysis of RhoGEF-GTPase signaling in cell motility using simultaneous imaging of novel biosensors”
  • Antje Schaefer, PhD, research assistant professor in the Der lab
    • “The small GTPase mutant RHOA-Y42C is a diffuse gastric oncogene that promotes focal adhesion kinases activation”

Presentation Award Winners

2019 Retreat Oral Presentation Awards
Henrik Dohlman, award winner Waylin Yu, and Juan Song, accepting the award for Hechen Bao.

Oral Presentations

  • Hechen Bao
  • Waylin Yu

Poster Presentations

  • Megan Agajanian, Grad Student in the Major Lab
  • Brent Asrican, Res Asst Professor in the Song Lab
  • Samantha Bevill, Grad Student in the Johnson Lab
  • Irem Dagliyan, Grad Student in the Der Lab
  • Reid Olsen, Grad Student in the Roth Lab
  • Luis Quintanilla, Grad Student
  • Daniel Sprague, Grad Student in the Yeh Lab
  • Kimiko Suzuki, Grad Student in the Dohlman Lab
  • Andrew Truong, Grad Student in the Kim Lab
  • Blaide Woodburn Grad Student in the Swanstrom lab
  • Yi Xu, Grad Student in the Yeh Lab

Congratulations to all the award winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was a day filled with lots of new and interesting science!

Here are some more pics. Click for larger view.  Coming soon – more pics on Facebook.