Poster presentations at the 2015 Pharmacology research retreat

The Department of Pharmacology held an all day research retreat at the UNC Friday Center on March 27, 2015. Lots of very good science was presented by the three invited speakers, six oral presentations and forty-three poster presentations. Thanks to all who participated. You helped to make another successful research retreat!

Invited Speakers

  1. The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Christopher M. Counter, Professor of Pharmacology and Associate Professor of Oncology at Duke University, whose talk was titled “A bad penny: Copper, MEK1/2 and cancer.”
  2. Dr. Juan Song, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at UNC, whose talk was titled, “Location, location, location: Visualizing in vivo dynamics of migrating neuroblasts in the adult hippocampus,”
  3. Dr. Jason Kralic, Founder & Principle Advisor of Innervate BD Solutions, LLC, whose talk was titled, “Career paths for the PhD pharmacologist.”

Oral Presentations

Six graduate students and postdoctoral fellows gave oral presentations: (in the order as listed on the agenda):

  1. Dr. Tim Stuhlmiller, postdoctoral fellow in the Johnson lab
  2. Kate Lansu, graduate student in the Roth lab
  3. Orrin Stone, graduate student in the Hahn lab
  4. Derek Franklin, graduate student in the Zhang lab
  5. Nicole Baker, graduate student in the Der lab
  6. Dr. Andrew Hardaway, postdoctoral fellow in the Kash lab

Besides the six oral presentations, there were forty-three poster presentations throughout the day. You can read the titles and abstracts of all the oral and poster presentation in the retreat agenda.

7 awards were given out for graduate and postdoctoral presentations: 2 for best oral presentations and 5 for best poster presentations. The award recipients will receive a gift from the department. Our congratulations to all the award recipients!

Oral Presentation Award Recipients

  1. Kate Lansu, Roth lab
  2. Tim Stuhlmiller, Johnson lab

Poster Presentation Award Recipients

  1. Onur Dagliyan, Hahn lab
  2. James Shellhammer, Dohlman lab
  3. Reid Olsen, Song lab
  4. Jonathan Sugam, Kash lab
  5. Jose Olivares, Johnson lab
Award recipient are pictured below along with other pictures from the retreat. Click images for larger views.


Oral Presentation Award Winners

Oral Presentation Award Winners (L to R): Tim Stuhlmiller and Kate Lansu

Poster Presentation Award Winners

Poster Presentation Award Winners (L to R): Jose Olivares, Onur Dagliyan, James Shellhammer , Reid Olsen and Jonathan Sugam

Keynote Speaker, Christopher Counter with Channing Der

Dr. Channing Der with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Christopher Counter

Retreat participants in Friday Center lobby

Retreat participants in the Friday Center lobby

Before the Keynote Speech

Before the keynote speech in the seminar room

Retreat Reception

At the reception