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Mike Lee, Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts and a Pharmacology alumni is visiting as a seminar speaker today.

Nice to get to visit with Mike and see two of our alumni together!

The Lee lab focuses on signaling pathways controlling the growth, survival, and death of cancer cells, in order to identify sources of therapeutic variability and to clarify the “rules” that underlie the efficacy of drugs, both when used as single agents and when used in complex combinations. His seminar is being hosted by Mike Emanuele.

After leaving Dr. Henrik Dohlman’s lab, Dr. Lee moved to MIT to work with cancer biologist Michael Yaffe.  His postdoctoral training allowed him to build a network of collaborators and to broaden his expertise in the area of computational cancer biology.  His 2012 paper in Cell was truly a tour-de-force and has been cited more than 400 times.  In his own laboratory, he is continuing to take the field of cancer systems biology in new directions, which he will describe in his talk today on “Network-centric approaches to design effective anti-cancer drug combinations”.