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Congratulations to the the Ph. Dinks and The Boys in Blue who placed 1st & 2nd in the first ever PHCO PickleBall Tourney!

First and Second place teams of the PHCO PickleBall Tourney with their medals.
Congrats on winning 1st and 2nd place: (Left) Derek & Ike of the Ph Dinks ; (Right) Alec and Victor of the The Boys in Blue!

Congratulations to the 2024 UNC Pharmacology Pickleball Tournament Champion – the Ph.Dinks (team on the left)! Congratulations to Derek Bolhuis from the Nicholas G. Brown Lab and James (Ike) Emerson from the Frank L. Conlon Lab!

Congratulations to The Boys in Blue (team on the right)! Shout out to Alec Lobanov from the Charles Perou Lab and Victor Losay from the Blossom Damania Lab for securing second place in the 2024 UNC Pharmacology Pickleball Tournament!

Twenty-two teams signed up and each match played 3 games. That’s a LOT of PickleBall!  Thanks to all who came came to play and enjoy the great outdoors!  A great time was had by all!

Update: We extend our gratitude to Amanda Linke and Elise Sedlacek for their diligent efforts in coordinating and facilitating PHCO’s first ever Pickleball tournament! Their commitment and tireless dedication were evident as they invested many hours in planning and actively participating to ensure the success of this event. Thank you!

Pics from the 3 games of the final match and awarding of medals (click images for larger view)

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