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Congratulations to Tigist Tamir of Ben Major’s lab for successfully defending her PhD!

Our new Dr. Tigist Tamir with mentor, Dr. Ben Major

The title of Tig’s defense talk which she gave Oct. 25 was “Identification and characterization of kinase regulators in KEAP1/NPF2 signaling.”

In 2016 as a third-year graduate student, and while she was a T32 training grant appointee, Tig was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Gilliam Fellowship in support of her research on cell-signaling mechanisms that could provide new targets for treating cancer.

Tig’s journey to becoming a scientist was also highlighted in UNC SOM Vital Signs News

In January, 2020 Tig will become a postdoc in the Forest White lab at MIT.

We wish you all the best, Tig!

Dr. Tigist Tamir (center) with (L to R) Drs. Lee Graves, Mike Emanuele, Ben Major and Adrienne Cox.