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Thank you to Dr Randall Braddom, and all our residents and fellows who presented at the UNC PM&R 2024 Research Day!

photo Dr BraddomDr. Randall Braddom, MD, MS graduated from The Ohio State University Medical School (1968) and from the OSU PM&R Residency (1972). He has been President of the American Academy of PM&R, the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and the Association of Academic Physiatrists. He has received the lifetime achievement award from each of these organizations. His varied experience includes having been in private practice, academic practice, a rehab administrator, associate dean of a medical school, and CEO of a hospital. He has been selected in multiple years by two different organizations as one of the best doctors in America. He has given over 300 invited scientific presentations. He is Clinical Professor of PM&R at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and the University of Florida Medical School. He was the editor of the first four editions of Braddom’s textbook of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which is the most widely used textbook of PM&R in the world. At age 82 he is semiretired, but still seeing inpatients at the Select Specialty Hospital in Oxford, Florida. He also works for Charter Research, a contractor with big pharma for phase II and III studies. He also has an active medicolegal practice, which includes defending physiatrists who have been sued for malpractice. His hobbies include bicycling 1500 miles per year, and he is a self-taught bicycle mechanic and has rehabilitated 150 bicycles and given them to disadvantaged youth.

Keynote Address Dr. Randall Braddom, MD, MS

The Importance of PM&R Research

Senior Residents’ and Fellows’ Research Presentations

Kaitlyn DeHority, MD
“Improving Care During Acute Hospitalizations for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries: A Resident-Directed Educational Seminar”

Marina Kodsi, DO
“How Can We Improve the PM&R Rotation for Medical Students While Improving their Knowledge of our Field?”

Michael Melson, MD
“A Review of Current Concepts in Ultrasound Evaluation and Management of Ulnar Nerve Pain”

Jenni Shafer, PhD*
“Informing a Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Promote Information Uptake in Caregivers for People with Aphasia: Initial Results and Next Steps”

Daniel Gallego Perez, PhD* (virtual)
“Governing Traditional & Complementary Medicine Practitioners Across Sub-Saharan Africa: A Pilot Study”

In-Training Research Proposals

Taylor Baker, DO
“Do Portable Ultrasound Probes Improve Resident Anatomy Knowledge?”

Hagar Elgendy, MD, MS
“An Effort to Improve Trainee Meal Funding Allocation within UNC Health Care’s System”

Katie Lenger, PhD*
“Neuroendochrine Mechanisms of Expressed Gratitude on Social Connection and Potential Impacts for Minority Stress and Perinatal Depression Among Sexual Minoritized Birthing Parents”

Sierra McLean, MD
“QI Project: Improving Resident Comfort with Ultrasound”

Raveen Sugantharaj, DO
“Can Adaptive Yoga Improve Balance Measures in Patients Admitted to Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation (AIR)?”


*UNC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Complementary and Integrative Medicine