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Yesterday the NC Translational and Clinical Sciences (“TraCS”) Institute announced awardees for 2 programs. Congratulations to our PM&R faculty members within the Program of Integrative Medicine for their awards from NC TraCS! Kim Faurot, PhD, MPH, PA is the principal investigator for a $2K Pilot Grant Program and Isabel Roth, DrPH, MS is the principal investigator for a $2K Stakeholder Engagement Voucher Program. Susan Gaylord, PhD is a co-investigator for both. Congratulations, All!

Details for their awards can be found both below and at this link.


TraCS $2K Pilot Grant Program
Keturah Faurot, PhD, MPH, PA (PI)
Susan Gaylord, PhD (Co-I)
Project Title: Development of a Novel mHealth Application for Dietary Supplement Tracking–Acquiring Patient Perspectives

TraCS $2K Stakeholder Engagement Voucher Program
Isabel Roth, DrPH, MS (PI)
Susan Gaylord, PhD (Co-I)
Project Title: Engaging Stakeholders in Research on a Telephone-delivered Mindfulness Intervention for Rural, African American Families