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Dr. Susan Gaylord
Dr. Susan Gaylord

Dr. Susan Gaylord, Director of UNC PM&R’s Program on Integrative Medicine, joins Brenna Maddox, PhD (UNC Dept of Psychiatry) and Micah Mazukek, PhD (University of Virginia) in a collaborative study of mental health interventions for adults with autism. The study will compare the effectiveness of Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) versus Mindfulness therapy for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety among autistic adults.

Mindfulness-based therapy helps patients focus on the present moment, increase awareness of sensations and thoughts without judgement, apply mindful practices in daily life, and better handle stressors.

“So excited for this great partnership and the potential impact our research will have on the autism population as well as on mindfulness research,” says Dr Gaylord.

The team hopes their shared research will improve mental health outcomes for autistic adults. Read more about the study here.

UNC press release: PCORI Awards UNC Researchers $4 million to Evaluate Mental Health Interventions for Autistic Adults