PM&R Outpatient Clinic Ranks in Top 5

PM&R Outpatient Clinic Ranks in Top 5 click to enlarge Left to Right: Dolores Parker, NA; Michael Y. Lee, MD, MHA; Allen Daugird, MD, professor of family medicine (presenting award); Mike Harris; Kristen Lewis; and David Bauer, associate director of ambulatory care administration (also presenting award).

UNC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation recently was recognized as one of the top five clinics among all UNC Health Care's outpatient clinics for the fourth quarter of the 2009 fiscal year, based on Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores.

Joshua Alexander, MD, director of UNC Pediatric Rehabilitation and medical director of the PM&R outpatient clinics acknowledged the recognition, saying, "It’s a testament to the continuing efforts and excellence of all our clinic physicians and it’s a direct result of our amazing clinic staff who go the extra mile for hospital staff, patients and their families."

"It is our ongoing commitment to make each patient's visit to our clinic a positive one," adds Dolores Parker, nurse assistant.

"We’re very excited that our patients have had positive experiences," says Kristin Lewis, medical support supervisor. "We have a wide variety of patients and each time they come in for an appointment, we see how much they progress and recover."

"Patients have told us this is the friendliest and most pleasant clinic they have been to," notes Miklos "Mike" Harris, patient business associate. "Most people don't like to go to the doctor's office, so we try to make it a comfortable experience. It’s truly a team effort."

According to one patient's comments, the front desk staff at PM&R are "always fabulous, helpful, cheerful. These staff members can change your day from a bad day to a very good day. They learn who you are and treat [you] accordingly."

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You also may view a poster, created by clinic personnel and presented at a recent Quality Expo, which illustrates our commitment to expedient service.

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