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Program & Goals

The department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation treats common medical needs of performing artists, with the goal of maximizing performance and quality of life.

Common medical needs include performance-related pain; foot and ankle injuries; back and neck pain; performance anxiety; numbness, tingling and unexplained weakness; carpal tunnel syndrome; muscle cramps and dystonia; tendonitis and overuse injuries.

Integrated Care Model

Our outpatient clinic provides individualized care plans, implemented by our team of rehabilitation professionals. Evaluations include a thorough bio-mechanical assessment and development of practice and treatment plans to improve participation and quality of performance. Onsite services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and acupuncture, and may include referral to massage therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander, osteopathic and other practitioners, as appropriate.

Our services are available to musicians including those who perform on the piano, guitar, violin, cello, and viola, as well as performers of ballet and modern dance.

William Filer, MD, is a specialist in medical problems of dancers and musicians, a member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association, and the on-call physician for Carolina Performing Arts.

Dr. Filer is available for medical workshops and presentations to support participation in community arts programs.

PM&R Faculty Sub-specializing in Performing Arts Rehabilitation


William Filer, MD


Karla Thompson, PhD
Matthew Harris, PhD


We recommend the A-Z index of general health topics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to learn more about specific conditions and treatments.

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