Dr. Vera Moura

Vera Moura, MD, MS-MBM

Mind-Body Skills Group, instructed by Vera Moura, MD, MS-MBM, CIHWC

Hosted by the Program on Integrative Medicine

The Mind-Body Skills Group (MBSG) encompasses a meditative group process, and is one among a variety of programs worldwide involving Mind Body Medicine theory based scientific evidence, and practice. MBSG is grounded on principles identified in Dr. Jim Gordon’s book, Manifesto for a New Medicine. According to Dr. Gordon, a psychiatrist and founder of the Center for Mind- Body Medicine in Washington DC, “self care is the true primary care” and “health promotion is a way of life.” Dr. Gordon advises health care professionals and patients to embrace a holistic, individualized approach to health and draw upon the wisdom of ancient medical traditions.

The Mind-Body Skills Group is an 8-week educational program designed by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine to help healthcare professionals, students, and persons with health problems, and others to embrace a practical approach to health and wellness and adopt new attitudes about health and healing. In a small group setting, which becomes a private, safe community where each participant may question, explore and heal, all have the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of mind-body medicine techniques such as:

• Meditation (concentrative, mindfulness, and dynamic)
• Guided Imagery
• Breath Work
• Expressive drawing and writing
• Autogenic Training (self-hypnosis)
• Biofeedback

There is growing evidence of the immense healing potential of this program for diverse populations. These include healthy people who want to enhance self awareness and well being as well as those with clinical conditions, such as cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and severe stress, particularly when used in combination with conventional health-care services.

This program has also been proven to assist medical students and health care professionals in preventing burnout, re-instilling fresh purpose in their work, understanding their purpose in serving and healing their patients, and providing a transformational experience for them within a safe peer-support group. To read some of their testimonials, click here.

Mind-Body Skills Group for Health Professionals

Class Dates: To be determined

Location: Ecoheal, 6435 Pathway Ct, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Fee: $425

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After registration, please contact the instructor, Vera Moura, MD, MS-MBM, CIHWC, at 919.320.8285 or vera_moura@med.unc.edu via email to setup a time for a personal interview (in person or by Skype) before the beginning of the group sessions.
Note: If truly needed, please negotiate partial scholarships with the instructor.

Mind-Body Medicine Skills for Health and Wellness Retreat

One-Day Workshop: Class Dates: To be determined

Location: Ecoheal Center, 6435 Patthway Court, Chapel Hill NC 27516

Cost: $125

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Join us to experience how mind-body medicine skills could be of help for you. This one-day workshop focuses on self-reflection, mindfulness, and self-healing using tools as yoga breathing practice, meditation, expressive drawing, and spontaneous movement. This workshop utilizes the principles of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (www.cmbm.org). Empirical evidence supports the effectiveness of mind-body medicine interventions to manage stress and prevent burnout of a variety of population in addition to:

•    Reduce and relieve stress

•    Improve sleep patterns

•    Increase self-awareness

•    Enhance productivity

•    Stimulate mental clarity and creativity

•    Promote healing

•    Maintain a sense of well-being