Come see what Mindfulness Practices are all about or refresh your current practice!

Morning of Mindfulness to ease your stress by taking out time for yourself as you learn and practice Mindfulness Techniques that can bring benefits to your daily life!

These practices are also great for anyone experiencing acute or chronic health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and more.

All are welcome!

We will include the following:

·         Identifying Stress Triggers, Manifestations and Coping Mechanisms

·         Using Mindful Breathing to Tame the Stress Response

·         Practice the Mind Body Connection through the Body Scan Practice

·         Seated Mindfulness Meditation with Attention to the Breath

·         The Breathing Space Practice for encouraging living life OFF Auto Pilot



Free online Morning of Mindfulness, with Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT

Class Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020, from 10-12PM EST

After registration, you will receive a Zoom link and instructions

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Mindfulness Practices for Stress Relief in the Time of COVID, with Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT


Please join Paula’s workshop on Saturday, October 17 & Saturday, October 24, 2020, from 10-12 PM EST.

CEU Credit of .30 hours is available for Healthcare Professionals

Life is full of unknowns right now. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety and worry as we face this time of uncertainty and general disruption in our day to day lives.

In order to have the resiliency to face these difficulties large or small that to some extent are out of our control, we need to develop the capacity to find and nurture the positive parts of ourselves and our situations. It is also important to realize that we may need new tools in addition to our trusted coping strategies that have worked for us in the past. Practicing mindfulness can provide us with simple and reliable strategies to enhance life quality both now and in the future.

Mindfulness Practices included in this Workshop:

  • Explore our current stress triggers, physical manifestations of stress, and habitual stress reactivity
  • Cultivate the ability to respond from a calmer baseline to unpleasant events
  • Learn ways to slow the ruminating mind, thereby decreasing catastrophic thinking and its effect on our overall well-being
  • Enhance stress resiliency as we develop techniques for intentionally focusing on positive and pleasurable life events

Mindfulness Practices included in this Workshop:

  • Body Scan Meditation to enhance the Mind Body connection
  • Seated Meditation for Long Term overall Health Benefits
  • Meditations on Working with; Thoughts, Positive Emotions, Difficult Emotions, Challenges
  • Mindful Breathing for De-escalating the Stress Response
  • Loving Kindness Meditation for Developing Self-compassion and Gratitude
  • Simple Mindful Movement that can be done from a chair

This workshop will be based on the teachings of Jon Kabat Zinn and Sharon Salzberg.

Class Dates: Saturday, October 17 & Saturday, October 24, 2020, from 10-12 PM EST

After registration, you will receive a Zoom link and instructions

UNC Payroll Deduction is available to University of North Carolina Employees 

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Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT

Paula has worked as a professional in Health and Education services for over 40 years. Her experience in providing wellness services to both patients and students is vast. She has taught with UNC’s Program on Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness program for 10 years.