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“Deep concentrated breathing and meditation allows for me to be in the here-and-now and focus on what is really going on in my body. I have been using the techniques to allow me to be able to cope with very stressful situations. I feel that I have become more tolerant of others and their expressions of self awareness.”

“This group has meant…a return to…my older wiser intuitive self…I will be anticipating being part of a group again in the future after this fulfilling experience.”

“The growth I experienced in the group was somehow an enhancement of self esteem and also a new reverence for the spiritual power inherent in sharing and opening up to self, to others, and to the unknown. I feel grateful and empowered by the experience of being in the group. The techniques were mostly known to me, but now I am more and more comfortable sharing them with others in my practice and in my personal life.”

“Listening to everyone in the group talk about themselves, I realized how different what they said was from what I thought I might hear…I know that I have grown, mostly in my ability to look inside myself, but also in my ability to really hear other people.”

“… I was able to feel comfortable being myself and sharing what I was truly feeling. I enjoyed hearing the other group members’ experiences with the practices and felt accepted and respected by everyone in the group, which in and of it self was healing.”

“…The group process was magical. Not only were the tools that were taught useful to me at various times during the program, but my life’s experiences seemed to be heightened and intensified…These life experiences were not always easy or enjoyable, but they were definitely learning experiences. I am sure I have much more to learn, but this was a big step along the way.”

“What I have grown to recognize about myself is that I spend a great deal of time taking care of everyone…This class…taught me about my origin and my environment, and the role it all played in how I have learned to survive and cope with life. I feel better about my existence and it has allowed me to engage in self care.”