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Monographs on Integrative Medicine

These monographs are part of a series of publications, The Convergence of Complementary, Alternative & Conventional Health Care, which has been developed as an educational resource for health professionals by the Program on Integrative Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and supported by a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), National Institutes of Health.

A Tool for Healing: The New Consumer Guide to Locally Produced Livestock Products

Consumers, farmers, health professionals, and scientists are increasingly concerned about our food quality and safety, and its relationship to the environment, public health, and farm profitability. These concerns have created a growing market for locally produced, pasture-raised eggs, meat, and dairy products in central North Carolina. We have created a guide to help consumers buy healthy local foods.

North Carolina Consortium on Natural Medicines

A team of physicians, pharmacists, health educators, and agricultural specialists has created a website on medicinal herbs that can be grown, processed, and marketed in North Carolina. Each monograph comes in three versions; one is written for health professionals, the second is directed toward consumers, and the third is for commercial growers.

This 15-minute DVD provides an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), illustrating the TCM approach to patient care. For Westerners, it contrasts the divergent conceptions of life and health in the east and explains life’s fundamental forces, Yin-Yang. This learning module is intended for conventional health professionals and is suitable for laypersons.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Jun Wang, PhD, MD


Tai Chi, presented by Dr. Claudia Wang at the patio of Western Washington University