New Employee Guidelines

  1. Submit all paperwork to Surgery HR as far in advance as possible.
  2. Obtain PID, coordinated by Surgery HR.
  3. HIPAA training, accessible from [Prerequisite: PID] Submit HIPAA training certificate to Surgery HR.
  4. Complete and submit Surgery IT: New User Request Form
  5. Surgery IT will submit request for ONYEN e-mail account (may take several days)
  6. Schedule time for new employee to meet with IT Support. User must be available for PC configuration and orientation.
  7. If WebCIS/CPOE access requested:

a. Complete the Confidentiality Statement (.pdf)

b. Register for training (required for provider-level access):

1. From the Hospital Intranet, select My Learning Center

2. Under Search, select Class Schedule

3. Highlight Clinical Classes

4. In the Search box, type WebCIS or CPOE, and select GO!

5. Identify the appropriate class, and click on the Select button

6. Scroll to the bottom of the Class Detail page, and call the instructor to register for the class

Note: Except in isolated situations, Surgery network access is limited to Surgery employees.

Any questions, please call IT Support at 3-7090.