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Join the UNC Program for Precision Medicine in Healthcare (PPMH) for Precision Nutrition: Connections Between Food, Environment & Health, a free virtual mini-symposium on Wednesday March 22, 2023 from 2:00-4:00pm ET. At this interactive event, you will engage in discussion with leading precision nutrition researchers at UNC.

Precision nutrition is an emerging personalized approach to nutrition that takes into account an individual’s unique dietary needs, lifestyle factors, and genetic makeup. This approach recognizes the intricate relationship between diet, environment, and health, acknowledging that what we eat and how we live can significantly impact our wellbeing. A precision nutrition approach also considers the individual’s unique health goals, such as managing a chronic condition or maintaining a healthy weight. By taking into account all of these factors, precision nutrition can help individuals make informed choices about their diet and lifestyle and achieve optimal health outcomes. Ultimately, precision nutrition recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health, and it tailors dietary recommendations and interventions to the individual.

This dynamic discussion forum will explore the breadth of Precision Health initiatives at UNC and facilitate connections between colleagues with similar research interests. We hope to see you there!


Alice Ammerman, DrPH

Mildred Kaufman Distinguished Professor, Department of Nutrition; Gillings School of Public Health

Director, Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, School of Medicine


Presentation title: Blending Precision Nutrition and Precision Public Health Approaches: “Neighborhood-omics”

Physicians can better prescribe a pharmacologic and nutrition treatment plan for patients if they understand the full range of health determinants, including social drivers of health such as food access (“neighborhood-omics”). By documenting the association with clinical indicators, the public health system can also design and implement policies and programs to achieve systemic change. In the same way that pioneers in precision medicine nutrition assess an individual’s internal genetic environment, they must consider the dual role of an individual’s external physical and psychosocial environments, which can drive starkly divergent outcomes for disease emergence and treatment success.


Susan Sumner, PhD

Professor, Nutrition Research Institute
Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health
Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine


Presentation title: Metabolic Individuality and Nutrition for Precision Health

We all know that nutrition is important in lowering the risks of developing serious health problems, or for improving health outcomes related to the onset or progression of diseases.  However, we need tools to deliver nutrition at a personal level, to ensure optimal health. This presentation will describe factors that influence an individual’s metabolism, how those can be measured, and how that information can be used to inform precision nutrition.


Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Nutrition; Gillings School of Public Health

Presentation title: How to Use Precision Nutrition in Current Clinical Practice

Precision nutrition is the science and practice of using available information for achieving better outcomes for individuals.  Helpful information for targeting nutrition assessments and dietary interventions currently comes from clinical assays, genetic analyses, metabolite measurements and other biomarkers. Many specific algorithms are presently ready for use in routine practice, more are rapidly becoming established. Physicians must learn which rules have high clinical utility and how to integrate them into daily practice. This presentation will give specific examples that are ready now for practical use.


Panel Discussion Moderator:

Saroja Voruganti, PhD

Director of Human Research Core Lab, Nutrition Research Institute

Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition; Gillings School of Public Health


2:00-2:05pm Introductions
2:05-2:30 Alice Ammerman presentation
2:30-2:55 Susan Sumner presentation
2:55-3:20 Martin Kohlmeier presentation
3:20-3:55 Q&A and Panel discussion, moderated by Saroja Voruganti
3:55-4:00 Closing remarks


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