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One of the core PPMH missions is to provide education to a broad range of stakeholders regarding the fundamentals of precision medicine and the impact it will have in patient care.

  Resources for undergraduate students:


EDGE – Educational pathways to increase Diversity in GEnomics

EDGE Genomics is an innovative 2-year summer program for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in genomics. At this time, we anticipate that EDGE Genomics will be a virtual program in summer 2022.

Intro to Science Communication Workshop

This 6-week virtual workshop for undergraduate students will run from January – March 2022. Guest lecturers will provide an overview of the field of science communication. Participants will gain hands-on experience speaking to and writing for lay and professional audiences.

Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research

This summer 2021 virtual class will introduce undergraduate students to the field of genomics: foundational science principles, applications in public health and medicine, and careers in genomics-related fields.

Career Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research

This summer 2020 program connected undergraduate students with professionals working in the fields of clinical care, basic science research, informatics, and ELSI (ethical, legal, and social issues).

Online Modules: Introduction to Data Science through a Health Care Lens

These online training modules introduce learners to the field of data science and were created in partnership with the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP).

  Resources for researchers:


Clinical Data Literacy Series: Electronic Health Data Basics Workshop

This virtual workshop will introduce UNC researchers and clinicians to techniques for working with patient and clinical data.


NC TraCS Clinical Informatics for Research Resources

This website introduces researchers to the Carolina Data Warehouse for Health and how to access this data for research.