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Health Tips

To learn more about vaginal skin care, click here

Interesting Websites

uby kotex This site breaks myths and misconception surrounding vaginal health.* This site helps you achieve your health goals by increasing your personal resilience.*
Chronic Pelvic Pain site snapshot Visit this site if you want more information about chronic pelvic pain.*


Hormone therapy site snapshot If you want to learn more about hormonal therapy, visit this site.*


UNC Women's Care Snapshot If you want to learn about UNC Women’s Care, visit this website.*


Cancer research website snapshot If you want to hear a lecture given by Dr. Zolnoun on cancer pain, visit this site*

* Click on the picture to view the site



Deborah Barrett, Ph.D., MSW: Pain Tracking: Your Personal Guide to Living Well With Chronic Pain (please see associated blog)

Stanley Block, MD, and Carolyn Bryant Block: Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD: A 10 Week Program for Healing After Trauma

Amy Stein, MPT: Heal Pelvic Pain

Deborah Coady and Nancy Fish, MSW, MPH: Healing Painful Sex

David Wise, MD: Headache in the Pelvis



ELLE magazine recently published an article addressing pelvic pain and interviewed Amy Stein on pelvic physical therapy. Check them out below: