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September: Suicide and Autism Spectrum Disorder

September 30, 2021

When I was in graduate school for clinical psychology, very few people in the field were talking about suicide risk in autistic individuals (note: I use identity-first language [e.g., “autistic person”] instead of person-first language [e.g., “person with autism”] because most of my community partners prefer identity-first language). Over the past decade, a growing body … Continued

September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 28, 2021

My reflections on working with suicidal patients: Jacob Schonberg, Peer Support Specialist, UNC Wake ACT I have been working in community mental health for the last 13 years, 11 of them with ACT teams.  In that time, I’ve taken many different trainings, on a variety of subjects, from a variety of trainers with different skills … Continued

September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 28, 2021

Reflections on working with suicidal patients: Laura McDaniel, UNC Wakebrook FBC Clinical Supervisor I work on a psychiatric crisis unit. A large proportion of the patients I work with are actively thinking about suicide. I work with people who come to us on their own because they are trying to listen to that small part … Continued

August: Virtual Care/Telehealth

August 11, 2021

It is hard to have a conversation about medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic and not discuss telehealth.  Telehealth (broadly defined as the delivery of clinical and nonclinical health services using telecommunications technology) use has skyrocketed at the onset of the pandemic, with some estimates suggesting telehealth utilization in Medicare beneficiaries increasing nearly 13,000% over pre-pandemic … Continued

July: Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July 22, 2021

Often, it is the most difficult times that lead to the bursts of energy that will lift us out of our despair, but also move us toward a more fruitful and fulfilling path.  The past eighteen months have not been an exception of course. From the personal and collective anxiety and mourning the world is … Continued