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Unlike many vocational assessments created and used in the field, the Career Profile strives to be a person-centered, strengths-oriented compilation of clinical and employment data that are relevant to helping someone more immediately obtain a job and/or career of their preferences. Created over several sittings, and with input from various stakeholders, the IPS team member and individual identify employment hopes and dreams and education and work autobiography, which includes an examination of what they did and did not like in regards to these experiences. Information gathered also includes preferences and values and mental health, physical health, and cognitive strengths, challenges, and needs. Access to benefits, legal history, interpersonal skills, and daily activities are also examined. The information gathered is intended to drive the employment search, and be an aid in providing ongoing supports. Disclosure preferences are also examined in the Career Profile, which informs the level of support the IPS team member may assume in assisting the individual around the employment and/or educational pursuits.

The Career Profile is a living document, in need of frequent updating and expanding. When someone succeeds in getting a job, often more useful assessment information is gleaned from this experience, which should be further incorporated into the Profile.