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Referrals–-The receptionist will ask some basic information, and the clinical director will call you back within two business days to discuss your referral.

Alternatively, you can fill out and fax our referral form (see below) and someone will call you back within two business days to discuss your referral.


All referrals are reviewed and, depending on the needs of the individual, a comprehensive assessment with a social worker may be scheduled or an appointment is made in one of our resident psychiatry clinics (either at Carr Mill or Vilcom Center).

What to expect on your initial visit (assessment)

At your initial visit, you will be evaluated by a member of our clinical team, during which questions will be asked about your mental health, medical history, medications, and personal history. The purpose of this evaluation is to gather information that will help determine what type of treatment program is the best fit for you within the Center. Please be aware that this visit is for an assessment only.

Follow-up of you assessment visit

At a later date (usually within two weeks of your assessment) the Center’s Assessment and Disposition team will discuss your case and determine what treatment program will serve your needs best. In some instances, the Assessment and Disposition team may decide that our Center cannot provide appropriate or adequate services for your needs and will refer you back to your local managed care organization with our recommendations.

Please note that until you are seen by a treatment provider, the Center is not responsible for providing medications or other treatments for you. We make every attempt to facilitate linking you with the appropriate services as quickly as possible. However, if you have an urgent need after your assessment but before you have an appointment with your newly assigned treatment provider, please contact the person or entity that referred you.

Psychiatric Emergency If you have a psychiatric emergency or at any time feel unsafe, go immediately to the closest emergency room for evaluation, or call 911 for assistance.