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Encompass Surround and have or hold within

A program for adolescents and young adults with recent onset psychosis, or individuals at risk for psychosis

Many individuals with symptoms of recent onset psychosis try to wait it out and hope that life will soon return to normal. But without the appropriate help early on, psychosis can get worse.

At UNC Wake Encompass, we know from experience that if individuals get the help they need when psychosis first hits, they’ll have a better chance at getting on with their lives.

Our team of psychiatrists and social workers from UNC Chapel Hill specialize in recent onset psychosis. Using research-based, best-practice clinical skills, we provide the following services to adolescents and young adults from 15-30 years of age:

      • Psychiatric and psychosocial assessments
      • Medication management
      • Therapy and support for individuals, families, and groups
      • Peer support

We believe the future continues to be bright for our adolescents and young adults. That is why we also support our clients at work, school, and in relationships; work with their family and friends; and promote recovery and relapse-prevention.

For more information or to make a referral, call UNC Wake Encompass at 919.445.0401.

Crisis and assessment services are available 24 hours a day at Wake Brook Crisis and Assessment, contact: 984.974.4800

With support from SAMSHA, the North Carolina Department of Mental Health, and Alliance Behavior Healthcare, we serve residents within a 60 minute radius of Raleigh. Consultations available beyond this range.



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