North Carolina Community Psychiatrists’ Leadership Network (formerly Medical Directors)

The UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health partnered with the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC) to establish the North Carolina Community Mental Health Medical Directors’ Network. that is now called NC Community Psychiatrists’ Leadership Network. The Network works closely with other founding partners: North Carolina Psychiatric Association, the NC Division of Mental Health and AHEC Psychiatrists in four North Carolina Medical Schools.The Network supports psychiatrists and other physicians in their role as leaders of clinical care in North Carolina’s restructured public mental health system.

The statewide-organization offers medical directors and other psychiatrists in leadership roles from the former Critical Access Behavioral Health Agencies (CABHAs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), CCCs as well as psychiatrists affiliated with Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and ACT teams.

  • Professional education about evidence-based treatment
  • Timely information about the state’s evolving system of care
  • Access to other community mental health medical directors and community psychiatrists as they pursue like goals in their community
  • Support in providing professional development for medical leadership and incorporating evidence-based, cost-effective clinical care into their agencies’ practice
  • Continued integration and communication between various levels of the system: former CABHAs, MCOs, CCNC,ACT and the North Carolina Division of Mental Health.

“It’s vital that medical directors have the support they need to fashion this new approach to better mental health care,” says John Gilmore, MD, director of the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health. “And providing psychiatrists with what they need to be effective leaders is what the center is all about.”


Leadership Symposium 2019


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Tenth Annual NC Community Psychiatrists’ Leadership Network Symposium (Formerly Medical Directors)

April 18, 2020



VIDEO Conferences Series addresses the State’s Transition to Medicaid Managed Care and related topics of interest for Community Psychiatrists..

October 8, 2019 features Carrie Brown, MD, MPH

March 9, 2020., 1:30  pm features Shannon Dowler, MD,  Medical Director, North Carolina Medicaid,



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