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Lorna Moser April 2017Lorna Moser, PhD
Director, Institute of Best Practices

 Dr. Lorna Moser, PhD, is the director of the Institute of Practices and UNC ACT Technical Assistance Center in the UNC Department of Psychiatry’s Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health, and coordinator of the NC ACT Coalition, a grassroots organization of ACT providers.  She is the co-author of the TMACT, and has evaluated and consulted with ACT teams across the United States and abroad. She graduated from Indiana University Purdue University’s Clinical Psychology program, with an emphasis in psychiatric rehabilitation. While there, she worked with the ACT Center of Indiana and as an implementation monitor for the SAMHSA-funded National Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project. Her dissertation research on the use of restrictive practices within ACT has earned her national awards and she has worked in a wide range of clinical settings, including two ACT teams. Moser completed post-doctoral training in the Services Effectiveness Research Program in the Duke University Medical School Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Stacy Smith May 2018Stacy Smith, MEd, LPC
Consultant and Trainer

Ms. Smith brings more than 25 years of experience in mental health to her position as consultant  and trainer at the Center’s new UNC ACT Technical Assistance Center. She has held positions at all service levels, from local agencies, to regional and statewide. Her experience includes working as a Meyers-Briggs facilitator and a Medicaid auditor. She also has extensive state-wide training and technical assistance experience, and recently worked five years as leader of an ACT Team.  Smith has worked with children, adults and individuals with HIV/AIDS.


Stephen BetukerStephen Betuker, MSW LCSW
ACT Trainer

Daniel Pridgen April 2017Daniel Pridgen, BAEd,
Administrative Support

IPS Supported Employment Technical Assistance


Matt Diehl  February 2017Matt Diehl, MSW,
Director ,IPS Supported Employment




Melissa DehavenMelissa DeHaven, MSW, LCSW
IPS Supported employment Trainer

Penny Liles, MS, CRC, CESP, LPCA,
IPS Supported Employment Trainer

Ariel Reynolds  February 2017

Ariel Reynolds, MSW
IPS Supported Employment Trainer

Martha Sanabanda, MS, LPCA and CESP
IPS Supported Employment Trainer

Thava Mahadevan October 2016Thava Mahadevan, MS
Director of Operations
UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health
 Mr. Mahadevan is director of operations at the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health and clinical instructor in the UNC Department of Psychiatry. He is the founder and former executive director of XDS, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive care and services to individuals with persistent mental illness and co-occurring additive and intellectual disabilities, which X merged with the Center. With more than 20 years of experience working in mental health organizations that serve individuals with severe mental illness, Mahadevan has extensive knowledge in designing and implementing innovative treatment programs. He has held program management positions at the John Umstead Hospital and Orange, Person, Chatham Mental Health Center. Trained in rehabilitation counseling, he received a master’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill.