If you do not find listed below the name of the person to whom you wish to speak, please call the Hospital Operator at (919) 966-4131 or University Operator (919) 962-2211 for directory assistance.


NameTitleOffice Phone
Cheryl Alderman Clinical Research Manager 919-972-7447
Social/Clinical Research Assistant
Evelyn Atkins Administrative Assistant 919-972-7500
Angela B. Atwater Patient Financial Services Representative 919-445-0226
Kristine Baluyot Research Assistant 919-972-7497
JoEllen Barnhardt Financial Officer 919-966-4474
Kathie Barron Study Coordinator 919-636-8234
Gregory Beasley Tech Support Analyst 919-966-7287
Budget and Finance Manager
Carlos Bedford IT Manager 919-966-1826
Pamela Beiler Social/Clinical Research Specialist 919-966-2549
Carolyn Bellion Social/Clinical Research Specialist 919-966-9988
Joshua Bizzell Neuroimaging Research Assistant 919-966-1648
Joseph Blocher Tech Support  Specialist 919-843-9498
Peer Support Specialist 919-445-0281
Social/Clinical Research Assistant
Anne Bratcher Medical Support Assistant II 919-966-3822
Carly Brinster Social Work Practitioner 919-869-3413
Francois Budin Research Associate 919-843-2879
Post-Doc Research Associate
Junghee Choi Applications Tech 919-966-3122
Chihiro Christmas Medical Laboratory Technician 919-966-2544
Evette Clement Nurse 919-445-0289
Erin Clevenger Project Manager Coordinator 919-972-7461
Post-Doc Fellow
Gertrude Crudup Nurse 919-869-3403
Post-Doc Research Associate 919-972-7460
Myra Daniel AHEC and Medical Student Administrative Coordinator 919-445-0225
Russell Dean Applications Analyst 919-966-5497
Adrienne Douglas Medical Support Assistant II 919-966-5477
Theresa Edwards Social / Clinical Research Assistant
Mala Elam Clinical Research Nurse 919-966-2544
Accounting Technician 919-843-6895
Carrie Eller Social Work Practitioner 919-869-3419
Tonya Elliott Study Coordinator 919-843-3791
Robin Ervin Research Technician 919-966-5993
Dianne Evans Program Manager 919-843-2389
Joseph Farrington Research Specialist 919-966-5993
Jasper Fleming Administrative Assistant, WakeBrook 919-445-0296
J. Kees Frelinger Research Coordinator 919-966-0018
Karen Frye Human Services Program Support 919-869-3437
Director of Public Affairs, Executive Assistant to Chair 919-445-0230
Roger Gilbert Office Manager 919-869-3447
Laboratory Technician
Project Coordinator
Bonnie Griffin Patient Business Associate 919-966-5217
Mary Beth Grimley Postdoctoral Fellow 919-843-3209
Pamela Hadley Financial Officer 919-966-9586
Post-Doc Fellow
Robin Haring Executive Assistant 919-843-3176
Christie Harris Contracts and Grants Specialist 919-966-6107
Dean Hayes Wellness Recovery Program Manager 919-869-3425
Business Services Coordinator 919-966-1760
Social/Clinical Research Assistant 919-966-3065
Joe Hodges Medical Laboratory Technician 919-972-7496
Clinic Manager
Kim Infante Medical Support Assistant II 919-966-0012
Lesia Irving Residency Program Manager 919-966-4764
Alicia Isley Personnel Manager 919-843-7078
Peer Support Specialist
Katherine Jones Nurse Supervisor 919-715-9166
Social/Clinical Research Assistant 919-972-7448
Sharon Kepley Executive Assistant to the Vice Chairs of Administration, Clinical Affairs and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Education/Training 919-445-0205
Pam King P and A Business Analyst 919-445-0244
Katie Lansing Research Coordinator 919-843-6872
Janice Linn Executive Assistant to the Vice Chair for Research and Scientific Affairs 919-445-0206
Alice Lockhart Director of Communications and Coordinator of the Medical Directors Network 919-445-0504
Post-Doc Fellow 919-962-4979
Social/Clinical Research Assistant 919-966-4410
Arlene Miller 919-869-3405
Post-Doc Research Associate
Social/Clinical Research Assistant 919-966-2544
Paul Morea Social Worker 919-966-2166
Jeffery Neer Peer Support Specialist 919-445-0290
Wendy Neuheimer Social/Clinical Research Assistant 919-843-3608
Laura Catherine Newton EPA Manager 919-962-0626
Study Coordinator
Viktoriya Nikolova Research Specialist 919-966-8654
Cathia Ortiz Human Services Program Support Tech 919-869-3421
Nurse 919-869-3407
Brenda Pearson Research Instructor 919-843-8084
Collin Perry Clinical Patient Coordinator 919-843-1536
Jennifer Prater Research Coordinator 919-843-5902
Post-Doc Research Associate
Alicia Richardson P and A Claims Coding Specialist 919-843-0349
Natallia Riddick Research Specialist 919-966-8651
Crystal Rogan Administrative Director 919-445-0770
Elizabeth Rossi Human Services Program Consultant 919-869-3409
Ashley Rumple Research Specialist
Kara Saddoris Research Specialist 919-966-8651
Abigail Scheer Analyst 919-843-3188
Crystal Schiller Assistant Professor 919-843-2484
Research Technician
Mina Schneider Administrative Manager 919-972-7459
Leah Schrubbe Study Coordinator 919-972-7485
Michelle Scurlock P and A Coder 919-445-0224
Grants Office 919-445-4171
Yundi Shi Research Associate 919-843-1689
Jeremy Simpson Tech Support Analyst 919-966-1826
Ashley Soh Study Coordinator 919-966-2549
Post-Doc Research Associate
Laura Stabler Director of Outpatient Services 919-966-5552
Study Coordinator 919-843-9724
Rachel Steiner Research Specialist
Christy Strauss Medical Support Assistant II 919-942-7363
Janet Swepson Administrative Support Supervisor 919-966-5217
Amanda Teer Grants and Contracts Administrator 919-966-2462
Charles Thayer Tech Support Analyst 919-942-7363
Randall Ung Research Technician
Ann Von Holle Biostatistician 919-966-8382
Eric Walker Social Work Practitioner 919-869-3431
Cheryl Walker Endocrine Assay Lab Director 919-966-5964
Brian West Human Services Program Support 919-869-3411
Jim White Social Work Practitioner 919-218-1325
Jeffery Williams Registered Nurse 919-918-3999
Joni Williams Facilities Coordinator 919-966-4475
James Wolfe Project Manager Coordinator 919-972-7462
Abbey Woods Research Coordinator 919-972-7484
Sandra Woolson Biostatistician 919-966-5546
Richard Yaxley Research Associate
Post-Doc Fellow
Post-Doc Research Associate
Credentialing Coordinator 919-843-2862