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David Taylor

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Areas of interest in CL Psychiatry? Integrated and Collaborative Care Systems and other interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary care delivery systems.

Program Strengths / Why you chose UNC for fellowship? On paper, the opportunities to engage in a wide range of different specialty services (e.g. burn intensive care unit, psycho-oncology, HIV collaborative care, women’s health, post-covid clinic) was a huge draw.   When I found out that there was close collaboration with psychologists on the CL service and in the outpatient clinics, I was very excited because this was something I loved about my own residency training.  Finally, I would have to say the biggest draw was the way I saw the students, residents, fellows, and attendings interacting during the case conference on my interview day.  I could tell that this was a place where the fellows were happy, and that I could see myself being happy there.  A couple of months into the fellowship, I still feel like my first impression was an accurate one.

What you enjoy about the living in the Triangle? Moving from New York City, the first thing we learned about living in the Triangle is the amazing cost of living.  We are paying half the rent for so much more space.  Other things we love about the Triangle is all of the trees and nice outdoor spaces within the Chapel Hill area, as well as the access to the other ecosystems in the state from the beach to the mountains.  While it’s not as developed as the MTA, the Chapel Hill bus system is surprisingly useful and reliable. So far the weather has been great, and I am told the winters are nice too.

Fun Fact about you? My husband and I spend most weekends traveling around to photograph moths and butterflies in their natural habitat.


Christina Murray

Creighton University School Of Medicine
Psychiatry, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of interest in CL Psychiatry? My interests in CL psychiatry are varied and include cases including substance use disorders, eating disorders, the geriatric population and issues involving end-of-life care and decision-making. I also love teaching and working with residents, medical students and PA students.

Program Strengths / Why you chose UNC for fellowship? Mentorship is a huge reason I picked UNC. Everyone in the program is so invested in learners’ sucess, and it shows! I also love that we take on a supervising role early in the year. It feels good to get my feet wet as an “attending” while still getting excellent feedback for myself!

What you enjoy about the living in the Triangle? Having lived in the Northeast and Midwest (including Omaha and Chicago!) I like having to not defrost my car or shovel snow! It’s nice to live between the mountains and the ocean, and within a reasonable drive to DC, Atlanta or Charleston! I also like the feeling of growth in the area, the food scene (just had best Ramen in my life!) and of course the people I get to live and work with.

Fun Fact about you? I can say the alphabet backwards. With all the things we had to memorize over the past eight years I’m not sure why I chose that but if we up the ante on attention testing I’m game! Zyxwvut…



Alissa Hutto

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Psychiatry, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of interest in CL Psychiatry? I have pretty broad interests for now but I am particularly excited to learn more about critical care psychiatry, delirium, catatonia, and ethics

Program Strengths / Why you chose UNC for fellowship? I have been here for medical school, residency, and now fellowship, and I never get tired of the camaraderie of UNC. People care about each other and their patients, and they strive for excellence. This is especially true of the CL group, and our CL psychiatrists have been among my favorite faculty since being a medical student. Our attendings have a blend of intellectual curiosity, deep caring, and a healthy dose of humor that combine to make an amazing environment for training. Our patients are from all walks of life and there are many specialty units at UNC, which makes for a large variety of clinical presentations including very rare diagnoses.

What you enjoy about the living in the Triangle? I grew up here, and for me it’s hard to beat the weather and the proximity to both coast and mountains. We have a good range of cuisines and indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy here, and a close airport if the triangle gets too small.

Fun Fact about you? Ask me about Guatemala! I lived there for a few months before medical school volunteering as a hiking guide, and I will convince anyone they need to learn more about Guatemalan history or go for a visit.