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PSTP Supplemental Application Form

If you have any questions, we are happy to talk to you by email or phone.

When you have decided to apply; please do the following:

  1. Apply through ERAS as a Physician Scientist applicant, please also indicate whether you would like to be considered to match in the categorical program.
  2. Provide a specific and detailed letter of recommendation from your previous research mentor, if not included in your ERAS application.
  3. Applicants for the PSTP will be asked to complete a supplemental application form that includes:
    • A synopsis of your previous research experience including a description of the project and its significance as well as your contributions to the work.
    • A list of awards and grants you have received recognizing your research accomplishments.
    • A list of peer reviewed publications that are published or accepted.
    • A list of manuscripts that are under review or in preparation.
  4. Indicate your interest in the Research Scientist Training Program in your ERAS application.
  5. Email supplemental application and letter of recommendation to:
  6. Interviews for this program are conducted over two days and include exposure to the General Psychiatry Residency and the Physician Scientist Training Program.