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The value of medical student teaching

With a new curriculum launched in 2015, the clerkship is an integrated experience with Neurology: Care of Patients with Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders in the Care of Specific Populations course.  Our department prides itself on providing an incomparable educational experience for its medical students, and residents are vital to achieving that goal.  Through the leadership of Dr. Erin Malloy and Dr. Kenan Penaskovic, residents are taught to become teachers, educators, and leaders of medical student education.

Teaching opportunities


Resident teaching occurs in a variety of settings, including:

  • inpatient,
  • outpatient,
  • emergency, and
  • an Interview Skill Building program

PGY-1, PGY-2, PGY-3

During the first three years of training, the resident is in regular contact with medical students and is expected to assume considerable responsibility for their clinical training by building the student’s knowledge and interview skills.


In the fourth year, senior and chief residents continue to be teachers of medical students in a clinical setting, but are also given the opportunity to further their teaching abilities by:

  • educating younger residents,
  • participating in didactics to medical students, and
  • becoming evaluators of medical student progress

These skills will serve the resident well in any team they work with in the future.

Dr. Kenan Penaskovic
Dr. Erin Malloy
Dr. Dana Doctor