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The PRIME Research Program’s undergraduate work study program offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to dip their feet into the world of psychiatry research and make a meaningful impact on our current studies and projects.

Current Undergraduate Work Study Students:

Sidra Afzal Tori Langdon

Past Undergraduate Work Study Students:

Irma Gutierrez, Class of 2021


Katelyn Pope, Class of 2021


Ashley Maria Jiron, Class of 2017

Ashley joined the NAPLS team as a work study student during her junior year at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2015. During her first year, she was exposed to various research methodologies such as accurate data entry. She became interested in the wet lab portion of the research lab, and the following year she was trained to follow appropriate protocol to process blood samples received from various sites. During her senior year, Ashley became involved with her own research project in which she recruited control participants and conducted her own observations on heart variability. She is now a clinical research assistant for the perinatal research team for UNC’s OBGYN Maternal and Fetal Medicine Division, working with high-risk pregnant women developing pre-eclampsia or at risk of delivering prematurely. She is involved in multiple research projects with UNC’s MFM doctors and has a newfound passion for medicine. Her future plans include moving back home to Miami, FL, to be close to family and pursue a career in nursing.

Kristen Boling, Class of 2015

Kristen Boling joined the UNC Department of Psychiatry staff in 2013 as a work-study student. She then transitioned into a research assistant position during the summer of 2015 and worked as the database manager for the NAPLS and OMEGA studies. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, having earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2015. She is currently pursuing her masters in social work at UNC-Charlotte.