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Dr. Echo Meyer is the co-founder of the clinic which was solidified following years of working with gender non binary persons. Throughout Dr. Meyer’s career, the experience of multidisciplinary care has been prominent. Dr. Meyer is experienced in working with individuals and families in various stages of transition and identification. Dr. Meyer meets with all people at all stages of transition but she has a focus in younger children, people with neuro atypical experiences, and adolescents and young adults experiencing family concerns and conflict. 2021 will be Dr. Meyer’s twentieth year working in the state of North Carolina related to the care and concerns of transgender youth and young adults and their families and partners. Dr. Meyer is also a full professor in psychiatry and pediatrics and Vice Chair of Psychological Services.


Dr. Cathy Lee is a clinical associate professor and co-founder of the UNC Psychiatry Gender Equity and Wellness Initiative. Dr. Lee is a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. After graduating from her fellowship at the University of North Carolina, she joined the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University where she served as the medical director for the Bradley School and started a school based mental health clinic as part of her larger mission to increase access to care for underserved children and their families. Since her return to the UNC Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2016, Dr. Lee has continued to expand upon her work with diverse populations and in improving access to care through her clinical collaboration with UNC Pediatrics and the UNC Transgender Health Program, outreach to community stakeholders, mentorship and training of psychiatry residents and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellows and consultation to colleagues.


Dr. Samantha Pflum is a child clinical psychologist and clinical assistant professor at UNC School of Medicine. Dr. Pflum currently cares for youth and their families in a number of different settings at UNC. She provides gender-affirming services to children, adolescents, young adults, and families through the UNC Gender Equality Psychiatry Clinic. These services include evaluation, consultation, therapy, and referrals (e.g., for gender-affirming hormone care and surgery). Through the Pediatric Psychology/Psychiatry Consultation & Liaison Service, she works with children and adolescents hospitalized with acute and chronic medical illnesses at the UNC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Pflum also provides outpatient psychotherapy through the UNC Child Specialty Outpatient Clinic and the UNC Spine and Imaging Center. Teaching responsibilities are focused on working with clinical psychology graduate students, interns, and fellows, as well as facilitating trans health competency training in multidisciplinary settings.


Drs. Meyer, Lee, and Pflum work closely with their colleagues in Pediatric Endocrinology, Primary Care, Speech, and Surgery in a collaborative model to provide tightly coordinated services across disciplines for transgender and gender non-binary individuals seeking gender affirming care. They also have a network of community providers that they work with in counseling, legal, education, and supportive services for social transitions.


Dr. Katie Goulah is a former UNC resident, they are excited to now join as faculty. Their clinical roles include providing telepsychiatry services to individuals who are incarcerated, seeing patients in the Vilcom clinic, and providing consultative services in the Psychiatry Gender Equity and Wellness Initiative. They are particularly passionate about serving the LGBTQ+ community.