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Gender Identity Programs- LGBT Center of Durham

  • Trans and GNC Closet: CELEBRATING trans, intersex, gender non-conforming, gender variant, and agender people, we are creating an affirming space to build our wardrobes and community.
  • Transforming Families: Meet fellow parents and caregivers raising transgender, non-binary and gender diverse youth in a safe, affirming space.
  • Name Change Navigator: Is your legal name interfering with your joy? Does the name on your State or school ID produce anxiety for you? How do you get your deadname erased from organizational memory?  A court ordered name change is the first step of creating a life more fully defined by you! Join us as we share wisdom from folks who have processed this for themselves around how they were able to get it done. If you have questions we can’t answer, we’ll help by finding qualified folks who can address the circumstance. If the process is daunting, complicated, or scary to you, if transportation is a barrier, we won’t leave you hanging … we’ll be your escort to the places which need visited. If finances are an issue, talk to us about scholarships to cover court fees and the costs associated with this change.

Transgender Initiative-LGBT Center of Raleigh

Mission: providing educational-, social-, & activism-oriented programs, iNSIDEoUT strives to form, strengthen, & network Gay-Straight Alliances while connecting & empowering youth, seeking to expand beyond the Triangle.

The Transgender Initiative is built around the idea of creating a communal, safe place for people from all across the gender spectrum, along with their allies, to meet, gather, and provide a supportive and welcoming social environment.

Our mission is to help build community with self-identified or perceived transgender, gender variant, or gender non-conforming individuals and trans-positive organizations in the greater NC Triangle region.

We move into facilitation and actualization of our thriving co-created community by nourishing and expanding support, education, activism, awareness, the arts, advocacy, wellness, health, resource creation, empowerment, visibility, acceptance, and self-determination for all transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming people.


SoFFA is a part of the Transgender Initiative designed to create a peer support and social network for Significant others, Friends, Family and Allies of people in transition or questioning whether transition is appropriate, as well as gender fluid or gender queer individuals.

Gender Discussion Group

An open and welcoming environment for all people of the gender spectrum, including anyone who is unsure of or is questioning their gender.

Gender Social Club

An open and welcoming environment for all people of the gender spectrum as well as friends, allies, and significant others.


A discussion group for parents and their adolescent transgender or gender non-conforming children.

Non-Binary Discussion Group

This is a discussion group for anyone who is non-binary (or is questioning) and focuses on a specific topic each meeting.

Non-Binary Tea Time

Non-Binary Tea Time is a monthly social meetup that alternates between the Durham LGBT Center and the LGBT Center of Raleigh

Q Chat Space—Time Out Youth

Q Chat Space online discussion groups give youth a dedicated space to come together and discuss topics relevant to their identities and experiences with other youth – it’s just online! It is not a forum. It is live and chat-based

QueerNC aims to connect youth in rural and urban areas of NC by providing a safe space both online and in person for teens to talk about their ideas, find resources, and get help with problems that they’re facing. We educate teens on current LGBTQ community issues and empower youth to create change in their own communities. We also hold monthly meetups in the Triangle area.

Safe Schools NC
Safe Schools NC is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safe and positive learning environment for all students and educators in North Carolina, with an emphasis on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Project Uplift

  • Project Uplift devotes its energy and resources to provide and connect our community to safe, inclusive, and affirming services.
  • If you are 18-35 and identify as LGBTQ+ and/or gender non-conforming we would love to help you.

Equality NC

Equality North Carolina builds LGBTQ+ power through advocacy, education, and uplifting the stories of queer and trans North Carolinians in pursuit of racial and social justice.

Inside Out

iNSIDEoUT is a youth-led network of safer spaces, resources, and opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to unite and organize. We elevate and celebrate the voices and knowledge of LGBTQ+ youth from all backgrounds as forces for justice, liberation, and the eradication of all systems of oppression!