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The UNC Perinatal Psychiatry Program is excited to offer Zulresso (Brexanolone), a 60 hour infusion for the treatment of postpartum depression.

Zulresso (brexanolone) injection, for intravenous use, is now on UNC’s formulary and we are currently able to offer this treatment. Potential Zulresso candidates should have moderate to severe perinatal depression. This depressive episode could have started while pregnant or soon after delivery. Exclusionary criteria would include bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, and active substance use disorders. Patients may have other co-morbid disorders, including anxiety disorders, OCD and PTSD. 

Ultimately, the use of Zulresso is at the Attending Physician’s discretion.

Interested patients may contact our Intake Coordinator, Rosalind Roberts, 984-974-3834 for more information.  We can also offer a consultative psychiatric assessment to ensure appropriateness of this treatment strategy.

This treatment is costly and insurance would need to be contacted prior to administration. An admission date is then set and the patient remains on our medical floor for the infusion with supports in place, including recreational and occupational therapy.

Zulresso is only available through a restricted program called Zulresso REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy), due to risk of excessive sedation or sudden loss of consciousness during administration. UNC Pharmacy and UNC Perinatal Psychiatry Attending Physicians have completed Zulresso REMS Certification.