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CardioEdit / CardioBatch (Plus) Training Workshops

CardioEdit and CardioBatch Plus are Windows-based programs distributed to assist in the analyses of heart rhythms. CardioEdit allows for visual inspection and editing of ECG data for artifacts. CardioBatch Plus performs the analysis of data for mean heart rate, heart period, and heart rate variability, including respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and low-frequency HRV. CardioBatch Plus .csv output includes data per epoch, per file, in addition to a summary file containing the average values across the entire duration of each of the files in the batch analyses. These programs functionally replace the previous DOS-based program, MXedit. While we do not currently offer a Mac-version of CardioEdit, the software is compatible with a Windows-emulator that is installed on a Mac. CardioBatch Plus, through LabView, can be installed on a PC or Mac.

Screenshots (click on image to enlarge)

Figure 1
Figure 2
CardioBatch Plus (CB+)
CB+ output per file
CB+ output per file batch

We offer training workshops on the use of the programs several times per year. Our workshops are hosted by Dr. Stephen W. Porges at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The workshops are conducted by Keri J. Heilman, PhD, who has been working with Dr. Porges since 2000 and conducting workshops since 2005.

While the programs are intuitive and easy to use, the purpose of the workshops is to highlight the features of the programs and to provide assistance with data editing techniques and strategies for correcting artifacts and arrhythmias. Workshop attendees are provided with 20 self-guided training files. These files provide experience with data editing and use of the programs. Our support team is available to answer questions during the workshop, by email, and by telephone. Following successful completion of the training files, attendees will be encouraged to complete the reliability files to achieve CardioEdit certification. Reliability files will be scored by the support team.

To ensure reliability of editing procedures, the programs are only released to researchers who attend our training workshops. Although we encourage multiple attendees from the same research/clinical group to attend the workshop (at no additional charge), only one representative from a research/clinical group is required to attend the workshop in order to acquire the software and that representative is encouraged to share the software and instructions with others in the SAME research/clinical group. Workshops last one day and cost includes hands-on training, laboratory license for the programs, instructional manual, off-line evaluation, and certification of reliability training.

For more information on the workshop costs and dates of upcoming workshops, please contact Dr. Keri Heilman at (Onsite workshops may be available for large groups and videoconferencing workshops may be available for researchers outside the US. Please contact Dr. Heilman directly to discuss these options.)