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Who is the TCOOO program intended for?

The Taking Care of Our Own Program is intended for use by all interns, residents, fellows, and physician faculty members. We are happy to meet with entire departments and divisions with multiple disciplines included. 


Are TCOOO services confidential?

Sessions with TCOOO providers are fully confidential. As licensed medical providers, we do document our patient encounters and use the Epic EMR to do so; however, we keep all documentation to a minimum to maintain your privacy. Furthermore, we are very selective with diagnoses used and will speak with you before documenting anything that would potentially need to be reported on medical licensing questionnaires. Program directors or department leadership is NOT notified of a physician’s involvement with TCOOO unless the physician is involved in the decision to do so first. 


Will my insurance cover this?

The Taking Care of Our Own Program is excited to announce that we are now taking insurance for both housestaff AND faculty! Please check with your individual insurer to determine how much mental health is covered under your specific insurance plan. If you are a resident with the high deductible plan, your insurance will likely NOT cover mental health visits until your deductible is met.