Ashley Henderson

Ashley Henderson


(1987-91) Texas A&M U., College Station, TX

(1992-96) U. of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX

(1996-99) U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

(2000-03) U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Medicine  

Recent Publications:

  1. Keismer M. Kirkham S, Picles RJ, Henderson AG, Alexis NE, DeMaria G, Knight D, Thorton DJ, Sheehan JK. Bronchial air-liquid interface cell cultrue: a model for mucosal defense of the upper airways? American Jounal of Physiology, Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, e pub 17 Oct 2008; 2009 Jan 296(1): L92 - L100.
  2. Carson SS, Kress J, Rodgers JE, Vinayakm A, Campbell-Bright S, Levitt J, Bourdet S, Ivanova A, Henderson AG, Pohlman A, Chang L, Rich P, Hall J. A Randomized Trial of Intermittent Lorazepam vs Propofol with Daily Interruption in Mechanically Ventilated Patients, Critical Care Medicine, 34 (5) May 2006, 1326-32
  3. Ataga KI, Sood N, De Gent G, Kelly E, Henderson AG, Jones S, Strayhorn D, Lail A, Lieff S, Orringer EP. Pulmonary Hypertension in Sickle Cell Disease: Prevalence and Associated FActors, American Jounal of Medicine, 117(9) Nov 1, 2004: 665-9.

Book Chapters:

  1. Henderson AG, Bronchitis: Acute and Chronic, Chapter 21. Runge and Greganti, editors. Netter’s Internal Medicine, 2nd Edition, Copyright 2009 Saunders by Elsevier.
    ISBN: 978-1-4160-4417-8


  1. Alexis N, Henderson AG, Donaldson S, Peden D, Boucher R. Assessment of the Hydration Properties of CF Airways By Measurement of Percent Solids Content in Sputum: A Comparison to COPD, Smokers and Health Subjects. Submitted- October 2008 for the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference.
  2. Bennett WD, Donaldson SH, Henderson AG, Zeman KL, Mattingly D, Fuller F, Wu J, Boucher RC. Mucus Clearance is Depressed in Chronic Airways Disease during Mild, Acute Exacerbations. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 177, May 2008, A139.
  3. Kesimer M, Matthews G, DeMaria G, Henderson AG, Pickles RJ, Sheehan JK, Proteomic and Biochemical Analysis of Exosomes Isolated from Human Tracheobronchial Epithelial Cell Culture Secretion, Biochemical Society Meeting, May 2007.
  4. Henderson AG, Boucher RC, Zeman KL, Bennett WD. Hypertonic Saline Improves Mucociliary Clearance in Stable, Mild-Moderate Chronic Bronchitis, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 175, April 2007, A195.
  5. Kesimer M, DeMaria G, Henderson AG, Pickles RJ, Sheehan JK. Identification and Characterization of vonEbner Minor Salivary Gland Protein (LPLUNC1) in Human Epithelial Cell Cultures and Induced Sputum: Evidence for Associations Involving the Mucins MUC5AC And MUC5B, North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference, November 2006.
  6. Henderson AG, Kesimer M, DeMaria G, Matsui H, Sheehan, JK. Loss of MUC5B and MUC5AC Antibody Immunoreactivity in CF Sputum, Pediatric Pulmonology, 38:S27, October 2004, A141.
  7. Kesimer M, Pickles R, DeMaria G, Henderson AG, Sheehan J. Defining the Molecular Organization of the Airway Mucosal Barrier: Proteomic and Biochemical Studies on Human Bronchial Epithelial Cell Cultures, FASEB (Federation of the American Society for Experimental Biology) Journal 18(8):C28 Suppl. S, May 14, 2004.
  8. Chang L, Carson SS, Campbell-Bright S, Rodgers JE, Bourdet S, Henderson A, Buchert A, Sood N, Dulabon G, Rich P. Impact of Scheduled Bolus Administration of Lorazepam and Daily Interruption of Sedation on Duration of Mechanical Ventilation, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine,169:7, April 2004, A45.
  9. Henderson AG, Pickles RJ, Batra SK, Kesimer M, and Sheehan JK, Comparison of the Phenotype and Cellular Localization of Mucin Glycoproteins in Cultures and Tissue Specimens of Airway Epithelium Derived from Patients with Lung Disease, Pediatric Pulmonology, 36:S25, October 2003, A167.
  10. Henderson AG, Rodgers JE, Campbell-Bright S, Bourdet S, Dulabon G, Lanier J, Rich P, Carson SS. Symptom Recall In Patients Receiving Standing Sedation During Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 167:7, April 2003, A968.