UNC Hospitals - Radiology Services Staff


Kathy Bruegging

Executive Assistant

Office: 919-966-4224




Judy Arnold, BS, RT(R) (CT) (CV) (CIRCC)

Coding Specialist

Office: 919-966-0825


Loretta Badgett

RIS System Coordinator

Office:  919-843-2902


Greg Beavers

Nuclear Medicine/PET Supervisor/School Director

Office: 919-843-2963


Tom Beckman, RT (R), MR

Technical Supervisor

Office: 919-957-6813


Chris Burgess

VIR Supervisor

Office:  919-966-4645


Jeremy Cartner, RT (R)

Day Trauma, Portables & OR Supervisor

Office: 919-843-2959


Rebecca Crane, RN, BSN, CRRN

Clinical Nurse IV, Assistant Nurse Manager

Office: 919-843-9589


Jill Dickerson

Ultrasound Supervisor

Office:  919-843-4135


Yolanda Dunmore, RT (R), (CT)

CT Supervisor

Office: 919-843-2971


Heidi Ekis

Administrative Supervisor, Imaging & Spine Center

Office:  919-957-6814


Alexis Hawkins

Administrative Coordinator

Office: 919-966-2666


Dale Henion

PVL & PVL Satellites Supervisor

Office:  919-966-4582


Jerry Jacobs, BSRT (R)

ACC/CP II Radiology, Family Medicine Radiology Supervisor

Office: 919-843-2919


Krista Maddock

Clinical Nurse IV, Assistant Nurse Manager

Office:  919-843-0813


Trevor Marlow

Administrative Support Supervisor Evening/Night

Office:  919-843-1369


Brian McLamb

Nuclear Medicine School Assistant Director

Office:  919-843-2935


Tashika Oleros

Supply and Inventory Specialist

Office: 919-966-2618


Michelle Ohrel

Weekends Supervisor

Office:  919-845-5508


Ty Plummer

Administrative Support Supervisor Scheduling

Office: 919-966-5487


Kate Shane, RN

Clinical Nurse IV, Assistant Nurse Manager

Office: 919-843-2973


Davia Silberman, RT (R) (CT) (M) (MR)

Safety and Compliance Supervisor

Office: 919-966-2959


Nicki Sledge, RT (R) (N)

Supply and Inventory Specialist

Office: 919-966-1820


Clif Stallings

MRI Supervisor

Office:  919-966-1286


Kathy Taylor

Mammography Supervisor

Office:  919-843-1658


Samantha Testa

Administrative Support

Office:  919-966-4077


Debbie Wolfe

Financial Analyst

Office: 919-966-6644



Administrative Support Supervisor, Clerical Staff

Office:  919-966-1211



Evening & Night Supervisor

Office:  919-966-4856



Fluoro, Adult & Ped Dx Supervisor

Office:  919-843-5063