Physician Staff and Administrative Assistants


Elizabeth Bowen

Executive Assistant to Chair and Executive Vice Chair

(Dr. Matt Mauro and Dr. Paul Molina)

Office: 919-966-4400 or  919-966-4238




Isabel Barbal

Neuroradiology, Pediatrics, Neurointerventional Radiology

(for Drs. Castillo, Huang, Jewells, Y. Lee, Smith, Zamora, Fordham, Sams, Solander and Alvarez)

Office: 919-966-3084 (Pediatrics),  919-966-3085 (Neuroradiology)


Virginia Carver

Abdominal Imaging

(for Drs. Fielding, Altun, L. Burke, Chong, Hyslop, E. Lee, Semelka, Warshauer)

Office: 919-966-4292


Vascular Interventional

(for Drs. Burke, Dixon, Isaacson, Kim, Stavas and Yu)

Office: 919-966-6646


Jason Hauser

Breast Imaging, Cardiothoracic, Muskuloskeletal, and Nuclear Medicine

(for Drs. Kuzmiak, Koomen, S. Lee, Jordan, Birchard, Heyneman, Parker, Wilcox, Nissman, Clarke, Renner, Wong, Khandani, and Sheikh)

Office: 919-966-1771