The Department would like to recognize Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Research Dr. Ari Isaacson for being accepted among 12 School of Medicine (SOM) faculty members to the 2019-2020 Academic Career Leadership Academy in Medicine (ACCLAIM) program. Ari Isaacson, MD

Facilitated by the SOM’s Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development, this one-year, cross-disciplinary cohort program places Isaacson in a collaborative learning environment that examines leadership as inclusive of all levels, rather than as hierarchical. Intensive ACCLAIM sessions introduce faculty participants to leadership models emphasizing critical thinking over preconceptions, and to rethink leadership through higher engagement with stakeholders. Some ACCLAIM program highlights include executive coaching sessions and interactive academia and private sector leadership presentations focused on strategic thinking, problem-solving and negotiation skills.

The curriculum requires participants to complete a year-long administrative project mentored by the UNC School of Medicine Dean’s Office. Isaacson plans to examine the creation of an Embolization Center at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus. He noted: “This course is an excellent opportunity to learn the tenants of leadership and to create connections across the School of Medicine.”

Interim Chair Dr. Keith Smith noted: “I am very pleased and excited that Ari was selected to participate in the ACCLAIM program. This is both an honor and an invaluable training experience. This honor is in part a recognition of his leadership in new clinical program development, related to new uses for embolization therapy such as Prostatic Artery Embolization [PAE] for prostate hypertrophy and Geniculate Artery Embolization for arthritis pain.”