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About Us

The Department of Radiology in the School of Medicine promotes the clinical, educational and research goals of the University of North Carolina. We encompass a far-reaching range of faculty, staff, and trainees and endeavor to improve the welfare of the people we serve through clinical care, education and research.

We believe that a culture of diversity is beneficial and integral to the success of our Department along with sustaining its mission well into the future. We work to promote the inclusion of individuals from all races, ethnicities, marital status, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, classes, religions and nationalities. The unique contributions of each individual are valued as they enrich our intellectual, occupational and personal environments.

The Department of Radiology will be proactive and transparent in our decisions and actions toward ensuring a positive culture. We will respect the differences of others and work to remove barriers and provide opportunities to all department members. We will support and promote inclusion, equity, and belonging for the benefit of our Department and the greater good of society.

Our goal is to have inclusivity in every aspect of patient care as it relates to the School of Medicine and UNC Health, by promoting an environment where people of different backgrounds, experiences, and identities are valued, integrated, and welcomed. There are 3 pillars to achieve this goal: Workforce, Patient Care, Research.

Workforce health equity

Educational inequalities lead to unequal distribution of academic resources that is predominant in the US minority groups and, consequently, restricting them to broader professional opportunities and academic careers. In addition, the low levels of representation from minority groups, indicate missed opportunities to gain and benefit from the top minds garnered from every aspect of American life. Several studies demonstrate that medical care performed by racially concordant physicians is associated with better compliance with treatments, particularly in cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we will focus on:

  • Developing specific curriculum for medical students to gain early exposure into Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology with the Castillo Scholar Program
  • Promoting a culture of belonging in our faculty and administrative staff through the XXYYZZ program _ Ask Rachel Hitt
  • WIRED group

Patient Care
To provide excellence in clinical care, we must talk to patients and meet their individual needs. Our goal is to improve access to proper radiological care to vulnerable populations (providing transportation, appt. reminders in native language, working with communities at risk for certain diseases), while focusing on educating our staff in learning about patients’ strengths and challenges, monitoring patients closely, and involving families and community partners in solutions to address disparities in care.

  1. Increasing access to mammography in NC Piedmont Health Piedmont Health and Triangle Sisters Network UNC Health Financial Assistance Oversight Committee
  2. UNC Radiology PFAC (Patient and Family Advisory Council)
  3. Global Public Health, Radiology, and Health Equity Medical Student Program
  4. Ultrasound Scholarly Concentration Medical Student Program
  5. RAD-translate in Breast Imaging

Research and Data-analysis:
To be able to understand how to bridge the gaps in patient care, we will focus on evaluating hospital-level data for patients and surveying medical staff on the following topics:

  1. Health Equity
  2. Population Health Management
  3. Social Determinants of Health

With this data, we will be able to understand the patient care disparities and promote a culture of inclusivity from patient care to faculty development.

Health Equity Committee

Meet the full Committee