The Nuclear Medicine (NM) division is comprised of two full-time clinical faculty members who perform all of the diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures. Other important sectional faculty members are a NM physicist and a radiopharmacist. We have one Siemens SPECT/CT system, six Siemens Siemens E-Cam SPECT gamma cameras (five of these are dual-head systems) and two Siemens Biograph LSO PET/CT system. Two of the dual-head SPECT units are dedicated to myocardial perfusion imaging and one of the single-head cameras is used primarily for cardiac blood pool imaging studies. Cardiac NM studies are jointly interpreted with a Cardiology fellow from the Division of Cardiology and our trainees. One of the Cardiology faculty members also interprets cardiac NM studies two-three days per week. We do a broad spectrum of therapeutic NM procedures, including radioiodine therapies for hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, Zevalin therapy for low grade lymphoma, bone pain palliation therapy, intra-articular therapy for hemophilia and intra-arterial Therasphere therapy for hepatocellular cancer (in cooperation with Vascular / Interventional Radiology). Our PET/CT service is heavily oriented toward oncology work, although we also do a reasonable volume of cardiac and neurologic PET examinations. Our NM staff regularly attends multidisciplinary oncology conferences to present PET results and to advise oncology staff on new cases that should undergo a PET/CT study.

The Nuclear Medicine division performs approximately 12,000 nuclear medicine cases each year. About 40% of these are cardiac nuclear studies. In addition, we perform approximately 2,000 PET/CT studies annually, predominately whole body oncology studies.

To make an appointment with Nuclear Medicine, please call 984-974-1884.