MR Imaging Research

The UNC Department of Radiology offers a one-year research fellowship in MR.

The MR research fellowship entails clinical research in the investigation of current applications of MRI in the abdomen and pelvis. Research projects include: series reports of disease entities shown by MRI; investigation of new MR sequences for evaluating the heart, chest, abdomen, and pelvis; comparative studies between different modalities; outcome studies; multi-institutional MR studies; and MR contrast studies. The University of North Carolina currently has four 1.5T MR systems and one 3T MR system and is a major site for sequence development for Siemens Medical Systems for abdominal studies. Fellowships may be tailored individually and range from six months to two years. A fixed salary is not available; however, various sources of financial support, including MR contrast studies, may be available.

In order to be considered for the MR Imaging research fellowship, applicants will need to send their curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation (one letter from their residency program director and one from their chair's office) to:

Richard Semelka, M.D.
Director, MR Services
Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Research
Department of Radiology
University of North Carolina
CB #7510
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7510
Phone: (919) 966-9676

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