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For information on UNC’s Cardiothoracic Imaging fellowship program and on applying for a one-year, 2023-2024 Cardiothoracic Imaging position, please contact Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship Program Director Dr. Brian Hyslop. Cardiothoracic Imaging division faculty assistant Virginia Carver can provide additional assistance with the application process. 


UNC’s Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship program permits a one-year fellow to work under the direction of six Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging attendings. During his/her training months, the division’s fellow trains in an academic, high-volume, but manageable practice, developing and refining interpretive skills in chest radiography, CT chest, MRI Chest, Cardiac MRI, and Cardiac CT. He/she also performs diaphragmatic fluoroscopic exams.

The goals of the fellowship are:

  1. To provide a rewarding experience and supportive environment for the trainee throughout the course of the year; and
  2. To develop the necessary skill set and clinical acumen of a specialized cardiothoracic radiologist.

In addition to seeing a large volume of routine cases, the fellow will also regularly interpret a high number of lung cancer, ILD, and lung transplant cases.

The fellow will routinely interface with various clinical specialties, primarily through multidisciplinary conferences and consultation in the reading room. In particular, the fellow will interface with teams from pulmonology, infectious disease, oncology, cardiology, and cardiothoracic surgery.

The fellow will have the opportunity to work closely with diagnostic radiology residents and medical students, including a unique opportunity to teach medical students who take part in a one-month specialized cardiothoracic imaging elective. The fellow will have an educational stipend and is encouraged to attend at least one conference.

All required application materials listed below should be emailed directly to Dr. Brian Hyslop. As needed, send materials to the mailing address at bottom. 

  • CV
  • Personal statement or cover letter
  • Three letters of recommendation

Mailing Address
Attn: Dr. Brian Hyslop
UNC Department of Radiology
CB #7510
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7510


Cardiac Imaging

Thoracic Imaging