The UNC Department of Radiology offers an ACGME-accredited, one year fellowship in Vascular/Interventional Imaging.

General Information:

  • Training Positions: 4
  • Duration: 12 months
  • ACGME-accredited: Yes


  • Charles Burke, MD, Professor, Division Chief
  • Peter Bream Jr., MD, Professor
  • Robert Dixon, MD, Professor, Interventional Radiology Program Director
  • Ari Isaacson, MD, Associate Professor
  • David Mauro, MD, Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director
  • Jessica Stewart, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Hyeon Yu, MD, Associate Professor

The Interventional Radiology Division at UNC performs a broad range of procedures. We are a high-volume service with approximately 8500 patient visits per year. Fellows gain experience in diagnostic and therapeutic angiography (including arterial embolization, thrombolysis, and venous stenting), prostate artery embolization, endoleak repair, TIPSS, BRTO, IVC filter placement, central venous access, dialysis access maintenance, varicose vein ablation, venous sampling (parathyroid, adrenal, ovarian), uterine fibroid embolization, pulmonary AVM embolization, and vascular malformation management. Non-vascular procedures include percutaneous gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy placement, abscess drainage, percutaneous biopsy, biliary drainage, vertebral augmentation and renal interventions. We have a robust Interventional Oncology service that includes chemoembolization, radioembolization, and percutaneous tumor ablation.

Within the Interventional Radiology department, we currently have 8 interventional suites and 1 CT interventional suite. There is a 13-bed procedural care unit that is open 24 hours/day, Monday through Friday. In addition, there is a VIR reading room for reviewing and dictating studies, as well as a dedicated VIR conference room. Fellows only cover 1 hospital, but do receive experience in the outpatient setting with rotations at an outpatient dialysis access center and vein center.

We have an active inpatient service with full admitting privileges and utilize an outpatient clinic for pre- and post-procedure consultations. In addition, the VIR Division oversees the interpretation of the CTAs and MRAs, and fellows have the opportunity to gain experience with peripheral vascular ultrasound within the peripheral vascular lab.

During the fellowship year, fellows have the opportunity to take off-service electives in Vascular Surgery or Neurointerventional Radiology to support their training.

The VIR Division participates in multiple interdisciplinary conferences such as GI tumor, hepatobiliary, and vascular disease conferences. Didactic and case-based teaching conferences are an integral part of the fellowship education. The UNC VIR Division is involved in multiple ongoing research projects and supervised fellow participation in research is required.


Program Director
Department of Radiology
University of North Carolina
CB # 7510
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7510
Phone: (919) 445-6146

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