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2020-2021 Diagnostic Radiology-Integrated IR composite

4th-year (PGY-V)

3rd-year (PGY-IV)

2nd-year (PGY-III)

1st-year (PGY-II)

Congratulations to our Class of 2021
on their fellowship placements!

Meredith Johnson, MD
– UNC-Chapel Hill (Neuroradiology)

Matt Hunt, MD – NYU (Neuroradiology)

Tirth Patel, MD – NYU (Vascular-Interventional Radiology)

Sam Glaubiger, MD – Duke University (Neuroradiology)

Watson George, MD – UNC-Chapel Hill (Musculoskeletal Imaging)

Raymond Wong, MD – UNC-Chapel Hill (Integrated IR residency – IR-5)

Sallie Wilson, MD –  Duke University (Abdominal Imaging)