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2021-2022 Diagnostic Radiology-Integrated IR composite

4th-year (PGY-V)

3rd-year (PGY-IV)

2nd-year (PGY-III)

1st-year (PGY-II)

Congratulations to our R4s on their next steps in fellowship!

Will Boyd, MD – University of VA (MSK Imaging)
Elizabeth Deans, MD – UNC (Body Imaging)
Abiola Femi-Abodunde, MD – University of Texas – Southwestern (Women’s Imaging)
Jaspreet Hira, MD – University of VA (Body Imaging)
Barry Keane, MD – UNC (Body Imaging)
Huberta Koudoro, MD –  Yale University (Neuroradiology)
Parth Patel, MD – UNC (Neuroradiology)
Dustin Rea, MD – UNC (Body Imaging)
Sean Wagner, MD – UNC (Body Imaging)

UNC Radiology is proud of the future academic and private practice leaders our program graduates every year.
We want our ALUMNI to stay in touch!