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Liz Deans, MD

Rachel Brader, MD

Sean Wagner, MD

Ray Wong, MD (IR)
The Carolina Way is a philosophy that legendary basketball coach Dean Smith instilled in his players over the course of his long and remarkable career, a culture of excellence built on the foundation of commitment to others.

This idea is exemplified within our own Radiology Department at UNC. It encompasses more than just our state of the art equipment, world-renowned faculty, and dedication to teaching with the highest clinical and academic standards. It is the intangible essence of UNC, which fosters friendship, lasting relationships with colleagues, and an enjoyable work environment. It is our commitment to one another that truly sets us apart. Our residents are not just colleagues, but friends beyond the halls of the hospitals. From our annual department picnic, to impromptu social outings, travelling to conferences together, and rooting for Carolina at basketball games to name a few.

Never has this attitude been more important than during more serious times, referencing the current national health and systemic racism crises that have challenged our country and its citizens. The time to come together and stand united to both heal illness and fight inequities is here, and we pride ourselves on not only rising to surpass these challenges, but also possessing the intrinsic values taught by Coach Smith many years ago, which align with this fully.

Please take some time to explore our website further and learn about who we are. We welcome any questions and hope you have a chance to visit so that you too might become part of our family and find “The Carolina Way.”


Sam Glaubiger, MD, MPH; Tirth Patel, MD; Sallie Wilson, MD

UNC Department of Radiology Residency Statement on Anti-Racism

While many statements have been made recently, we at UNC Radiology would be remiss if we did not add our collective voice to the number of those speaking out against racism and publicly make clear where we stand to remove any doubt. We are not neutral. We are deeply saddened by the most recent murders of unarmed Black Americans and condemn the extrajudicial killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others before them. We recognize the legacy that white supremacy and racism play not only in this instance but in a multitude of socio-economic injustices. We take this moment to affirm our values as a program and offer concrete measures we plan to take as a department to dismantle the legacy of white supremacy.

As a residency and department:

  • We recognize that racial discrimination is not a political issue but a human rights issue.
  • We are committed to anti-racism and anti-violence.
  • We acknowledge that violence and discrimination disproportionately affects our black/brown colleagues, trainees, and patients.
  • We recognize that race based micro and macro-aggressions are traumatizing to people of color and harmful to a culture of wellness.
  • We commit to making UNC a safe place for our black/brown colleagues, trainees, and patients.
  • We commit to taking action on behalf of our black/brown peers when we witness racist behavior.
  • We commit to constant reflection on and correction of our own unconscious biases.
  • We commit to longitudinal training and education on our innate biases and assumptions on race.
  • We commit to listen earnestly and hold space for open conversations about racism.
  • We recognize that our department is lacking adequate representation of black/brown people and commit to actively recruiting them so that we are an accurate reflection of our community.
  • We recognize our own humanity and that we are imperfect and commit to careful examination of our resident selection trends and faculty appointments.

Lastly, we understand that anti-racism is a verb and implore all those reading this to hold us accountable as we strive to make ourselves, our department and the world a better place.

A special thank you and recognition to the UNC OB/GYN Department for their leadership and inspiration during this time. See their statement here.