Residents are provided ample educational resources. We have a secured lounge/library with a small kitchen, adjustable standing/sitting PACS station, library, and fold out sofa-bed. The department provides iPads which are pre-loaded with educational resources. We have Radprimer, StatDx, and the UNC Health Sciences Library, the latter of which provides access to PubMed as well as hard-copy and digital texts. The department funds many Core Exam review resources, as well as our $750 annual book fund. AIRP, physics, and core review courses are also fully funded.

In our commitment to well-being we have installed adjustable standing workstations in every reading room. We have access to a small hospital gym, and take a small portion of each day to go outside and walk with friends and co-workers. Our GME office provides many benefits including excellent health care.

The following are links our residents find useful, and provide more information about the resources we have available, the UNC Campus, and our overall resident experience.