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At UNC Radiology, we are committed to the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of our residents and fellows. Happy, health trainees are in the best position to learn and flourish.  We support and encourage our residents to be well-rounded in their personal and professional lives and we foster a close-knit residency group.  Our residents value education, work experiences and free time!


  • Daily walk-about: Following noon conference, 12:45-1:15 is dedicated free time to allow residents to clear their minds away from didactics and work stations
  • North Carolina Botanical Gardens wellness walking group. Contact Dr. Sheila Lee.
  • Didactic Lectures limited to 45 minutes to optimize learning (and decrease blank stares!)
  • Dedicated questions at biannual 1:1 meetings with program directors to identify at risk residents
  • Annual resident and faculty picnic
  • Annual Department holiday party