The Department’s strength of scholarship was on display at the School of Medicine (SOM)’s 2019 Evening of Scholarship in late May, as three faculty — Dr. Katrina McGinty, Dr. David Mauro, Dr. Brian Handly — and three residents — Dr. Bryan Ashley, Dr. Justin Rodriguez, Dr. Will Boyd – were inducted into the SOM’s Academy of Educators (AoE).

Each year, the AoE inducts nominated faculty who demonstrate outstanding contributions to medical education, excellence in teaching medical students and residents, commitment to leadership, curricular design and scholarly research, and willingness to implement new teaching methodology and technology. The AoE selects resident nominees who’ve demonstrated commitment to scholarship, leadership and direct, effective teaching and/or mentoring, and a desire to remain active in medical education in their future careers.

Brian D. Handly, M.D.

Faculty (L to R): Drs. Katrina McGinty, David Mauro, Brian Handly

William Boyd

Residents (L to R): Drs. Bryan Ashley, Justin Rodriguez, Will Boyd

L: Drs. Justin Rodriguez, Daniel Nissman, Jorge Oldan
R: Drs. Justin Rodriguez, Sheila Lee

At the 2019 Evening of Scholarship, Associate Professor Dr. Sheryl G. Jordan was also honored as one of two Medical Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professorship SOM faculty recipients.  This prestigious and highly competitive award each year goes to a select few mid-career SOM faculty members who are chosen by the AoE’s Teaching Awards Committee for their distinguished record of educational innovation and leadership (see article).