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Congratulations to Markeela Lipscomb, Clinical Research Coordinator, on Winning the 2022 Radiology Staff Outstanding Performance Award!

The Outstanding Performance Award was established to recognize and honor a university Radiology staff member who consistently exceeded the expectations of their position in 2021 grounded in the following six attributes:

  1. Going Beyond the Call of Duty
  2. Teamwork and Collegiality
  3. Displaying a Positive Attitude
  4. Creativity 
  5. Flexibility 
  6. Outstanding Customer Service

Markeela Lipscomb

People had this to say about Markeela:

“There aren’t enough words to describe how awesome they are…”

“Goes above and beyond to help their peers…”

“…always willing to help, no matter what situation.”

“they handles their work with grace and a sense of humor.”

“Truly Amazing!”